Romanian citizenship

Customer profile

  • Field of activity
    I work offline as a marketing manager
  • Why did you decide to obtain Romanian citizenship?
    I contacted Mircare to obtain Romanian citizenship. I was considering moving to Europe, maybe even Romania, as I liked it there during my visit.
  • Have you encountered any difficulties while collecting documents or applying for citizenship?
    The only nuance arose with Turkish Airlines. We learned that they may not be allowed on board with a Bulgarian visa. In the process, we applied for an Italian visa, but they gave us a single-entry visa, not a multi-entry one, they won’t let us in with it either, we had to apply for a Bulgarian one and reschedule the application. There were no more problems. The only thing is that, for example, I was made red before boarding the Turkish Airlines plane, but in the end I was allowed through without any problems, because Mircare was given an invitation, so everything went well
  • Do you plan to live in Romania after receiving your passport?
    Yes, I am planning to move to Romania.
At the start of the client
  • There are no supporting documents to confirm Romanian roots.
What was done
  • March 2023
    Conducted a pedigree analysis, collected documents, affixed apostilles
  • May 2023
    Apply for a visa to travel to Romania
  • September 2023
    Received an invitation from a lawyer to submit documents to the Ministry of Justice in Bucharest
  • September 2023
    Flew to Bucharest and applied for citizenship
At the client's output:
  • Apostilled extracts of archival documents of the Civil Registry Office
  • Unique DOSAR number to track case status
Bottom line
  • Citizenship documents submitted
  • Waiting for the case to be published in the Order
Romanian Citizenship (Alexander)
Head of Marketing Department, Russia
“I am completely satisfied with the quality of your services. Everything went smoothly, from the first chat to my visit. The only thing I would like to improve is the issue with transfers, but I understand that you cannot influence this. Thank you for clearly and reasonably answering my many questions. I thank your team for their professionalism and quality work!”

Who worked on the case

Anna Kurylo
Anna Kurylo
Head of European Division
Hasmik Vardanyan
Hasmik Vardanyan
Support department expert
Valeria Nechkina
Valeria Nechkina
Head of Quality Control Department
Maria Denisenko
Maria Denisenko
Immigration Lawyer
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