Case on German residence permit
for Ksenia

Customer profile

  • Field of activity
    Professional dancer and choreographer
  • For what reason did you decide to apply for a German residence permit?
    For quite a long time I thought about getting an education in Europe and moving there to live. Of all the countries, my choice fell on Germany, which is known for its high level of education. I contacted Mircare and found a university that was suitable for me, where education is conducted entirely in English.
  • Have you encountered any difficulties while collecting documents or applying for a residence permit?
    During the admission process, the most difficult issue was paying for tuition due to difficulties with transferring money. Mircare specialists helped me open a foreign bank card and everything went well. However, the most nerve-wracking moment was waiting for the visa decision. The Mircare specialists here also did an amazing job. They prepared my visa case wonderfully. But given the turbulent times, I was very worried.
At the start of the client
  • Experience as a professional dancer
  • High level of English proficiency
What was done
  • April 2023
    Preparation of documents for the institute and enrollment
  • May 2023
    Admission to BSBI Institute
  • September 2023
    D visa sticker
At the client's output:
  • Offer from the university
  • Germany D visa
Bottom line
  • Moved to Germany to Berlin
Residence permit in Germany (Ksenia)
Professional dancer and choreographer
“The Mircare specialists have done a great job. Develop further, help people make their dreams come true. Thank you very much!"
Who worked on the case
Anna Kurylo
Anna Kurylo
Head of European Division
Hasmik Vardanyan
Hasmik Vardanyan
Support department expert
Valeria Nechkina
Valeria Nechkina
Head of Quality Control Department
Maria Denisenko
Maria Denisenko
Immigration Lawyer
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