Residence permit in Spain for 7 months

Customer profile

  • Field of activity
    Owner of a resale project
  • Why did you decide to apply for a Spanish residence permit under the startup program?
    I applied for a residence permit in order to travel freely and subsequently live in Europe. This is directly related to my work, and I need this opportunity.
  • Have you encountered any difficulties while collecting documents or applying for a residence permit?
    Yes, we had difficulties. At first we tried to get a residence permit in Finland, and we submitted documents twice: first for me, then for my husband. But both times we were refused. But your company did not abandon us, and at one of these stages offered us a Spanish residence permit without additional payment. They were confident that we would be approved and everything worked out.
At the start of the client
  • No idea for a business plan
What was done
  • август 2023
    Entering Spain with a tourist visa and submitting a business plan to Enisa
  • сентябрь 2023
    Obtaining approval from Enisa and submitting documents for a residence permit
  • октябрь 2023
    Obtaining a residence permit
At the client's output:
  • Startup business plan approved by Enisa
  • Spain Residence Card
Bottom line
  • Moved with my husband to Spain
Residence permit in Spain for 7 months (Anastasia)
Owner of a resale project, Russia
“I was absolutely satisfied with the quality of services. Everything was wonderful. I thank each of the employees who accompanied and calmed us down, because we were really very worried. Not everything worked out for us, but they helped us, they didn’t abandon us, they were constantly in touch and offered various options.”
Who worked on the case
Hasmik Vardanyan
Hasmik Vardanyan
Support department expert
Valeria Nechkina
Valeria Nechkina
Head of Quality Control Department
Maria Denisenko
Maria Denisenko
Immigration Lawyer
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