Case on German residence permit
for Rustam

Customer profile

  • Field of activity
    In Moscow, I was the head of a department in a large state bank. Now, in Tashkent I work as the head of a department. I am also involved in entrepreneurial activities, I have a share in a construction company in Tashkent.
  • For what reason did you decide to apply for a German residence permit?
    Initially, I planned to move to an English-speaking country, since my level of English is the highest among all the foreign languages I speak. However, after more careful study of the information, I liked the option with Germany. A country with the largest economy in Europe and a high standard of living. At one time I loved to read Kavka and Remarque. So the decision was made in favor of Germany, and I no longer considered other countries.
  • Why training?
    Training – this is a continuation of my professional activity. The Global MBA program provides the degree needed to manage large teams. Considering that I have been leading various teams for more than five years, especially in the banking sector, which is actively developing in Germany, such education will be a valuable addition to my profession. This is additional certification that I can be a manager. In addition, many executives I know received their MBA in Europe.
  • Have you encountered any difficulties while collecting documents or applying for a residence permit?
    When taking the Duolingo exam, I did not take into account the strict requirements of the assessment system. You can’t take your eyes off the monitor, no unnecessary noise in the room. You need to close yourself in the room and look only at the monitor, without being distracted by anything. My phone rang and, accordingly, Duolingo crashed. Well, then, naturally, I took IELTS and took a month and a half preparation course for it.
    As for collecting documents, you prepared translations for me quickly. I had all the other documents available. It is worth noting for those who are planning to take Duolingo that, despite the remote format, they very meticulously evaluate everything that happens in the room. You need to be prepared for this.
  • Do you plan to live in Germany after completing your studies?
    I think most likely yes. At a minimum, in any case, I will work in Germany, study, and see the situation. At the same time, I still have connections with Uzbekistan: my company, in which I am a co-founder, is located here, as well as several real estate properties that I have acquired. But overall I am looking at a future in Germany. It is important for me to evaluate everything on the spot.
At the start of the client
  • Experience as a manager in a large state bank of the Russian Federation
  • High level of English proficiency
What was done
  • March 2023
    Preparation of documents for the institute
  • June 2023
    Successful English language retake (IELTS)
  • June 2023
  • September 2023
    Submitting documents to the German Consulate in Uzbekistan
  • September 2023
    D visa sticker
At the client's output:
  • Offer from the university
  • Germany D visa
Bottom line
  • Planning to move to Germany
Residence permit in Germany (Rustam)
Head of Department and Entrepreneur, Russia
“I was 100% satisfied. I like your business approach; I was provided with information for analysis, on the basis of which I made decisions that you then implemented. I flew to Kazakhstan to apply, but the documents were not accepted. In the end, we applied through Tashkent and everything went perfectly, so I was satisfied. Probably the most difficult part of the whole process is finding housing. Based on my experience of looking for housing in different countries, I can say that in Berlin this is especially difficult. It would be great if you had arrangements with real estate agencies, hotels or student residences in Berlin.”

Who worked on the case

Anna Kurylo
Anna Kurylo
Head of European Division
Hasmik Vardanyan
Hasmik Vardanyan
Support department expert
Valeria Nechkina
Valeria Nechkina
Head of Quality Control Department
Maria Denisenko
Maria Denisenko
Immigration Lawyer
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