Residence permit in France
on a visa "Passport-Talent" (Passport Talent)

A simplified procedure for obtaining a residence permit in France for founders and employees of start-up projects from non-EU countries.

  • Language knowledge:
    Not required
  • Validity:
    up to 4 years
  • Family members:
    spouse, children under 18 years of age
from 13 710 $
  • from 12 900 €
  • from 1 290 000 ₽
from 10 months
Residence permit in France on a Passport-Talent visa (Passport Talent)
Advantages of a residence permit in France
   Long validity period
A residence permit is issued to you and all members of your family for a period of up to 4 years with the right to extension.
   Tax holidays for startups
For the first 2 years of operation, your company is completely exempt from paying income tax, and the tax rate increases gradually over the next four years.
   Employment rights for families
Members of your family can officially work in France, and minor children are entitled to free public education.
   Free movement in Europe
Visa category "Passport-Talent" allows you and your family to freely visit the countries of the Schengen area and the European Union without a visa.
We will take care
We will help you complete a startup project
We will prepare the necessary documents
We will simplify official formalities for you
We organize visits to official bodies
We will answer all your questions
We will advise you on the process of entering France
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Anna Kurylo
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Our guarantees
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We provide security to our clients and complete transparency in payments. We work under an official contract and help obtain visas, residence permits or citizenship within the framework of current legal regulations.

We will evaluate your chances of successfully obtaining a residence permit
We will clearly indicate all possible expenses
The case is handled by lawyers specializing in the “Passport-Talent” visa.
We will appoint a personal curator who will accompany you until you receive a residence permit
We will ensure the legal purity of paperwork
We keep you updated on the status of your case

We will go through the process
of obtaining a residence permit in France
on a Passport Talent visa

Receiving an application

The registration process begins with your application on the website through the “Let's discuss the details” form.

Free consultation

Once your application is received, Mircare will contact you to discuss your request and provide information about the program. As part of this consultation, you will be able to ask questions to the expert and learn all the features of document preparation.

Conclusion of an agreement

We work in strict accordance with the laws of France and the Russian Federation; for this we conclude a service agreement with you, in which we specify all stages of our work and the payment procedure.

Preparing a startup project

We study your existing business or startup idea. We complete the turnkey project in accordance with the strict requirements of La French Tech and the French government

Submitting an application to the French incubator

We submit a request to an accredited incubator that is part of the La French Tech association, receive a response or comments, and bring your application to a positive decision.

Signing an agreement with a French incubator

At this stage, we are negotiating with the startup incubator on your behalf until the contract is concluded, as well as receiving an invitation for you from the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Submitting documents for a visa

Based on an invitation letter from the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, you apply for a category D visa at the consulate of the country of your permanent residence.

Registration of a residence permit

After receiving a visa and moving to France, you collect a package of documents to submit an application for residence permit status to the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII). You receive a French resident card for you and your family.

What will you get?
French residence permit (carte de séjour pluriannuelle)
A plastic resident card allows you to live in the country for up to four years.

We are often asked
about a residence permit to France
on a Passport-Talent visa

Who can obtain a French residence permit under a “Passport-Talent” visa?

Registration of a residence permit in France through the “Passport-Talent” visa is available for 11 categories of applicants. Our company works with the category of creators of innovative IT projects (startups). Basic conditions for obtaining a founder visa: - Citizenship of a country outside the European Union; - No criminal record; - The applicant’s age is over 18 years; - Availability of a sound business plan for the project; - Preliminary approval of the project by a government agency in France.

What are the deadlines for obtaining a residence permit?

This depends on various factors, including the timing of your Schengen visa for your initial entry into France. But in our experience, the period for obtaining a turnkey residence permit, from signing a contract with us to receiving a resident card, is approximately 10 months.

What documents must be provided by a Passport Talent program participant?

To obtain a Passport-Talent visa, the applicant needs to collect the following package of documents: - Passport of your home country; - International passport; - 3 photographs measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm; - 2 completed questionnaires of the established form; - Invitation letter from La French Tech; - Confirmation of payment of government fees; - Confirmation of the applicant’s sufficient financial resources for the period of stay in France; - Birth or marriage certificate of the applicant / birth certificate of children (if submitted by family). If you have any questions, leave your contact information on the website to receive detailed advice from our expert.

Why is obtaining a residence permit under a Passport Talent startup visa more profitable than other French immigration programs?

In comparison with other immigration programs in France (through training, investment, purchase of real estate or financial independence), the “Passport-Talent” startup visa is the most accessible, fastest and inexpensive way to legally obtain a residence permit and, in the long term, EU citizenship. The main advantages of the Passport Talent program for the category of founders of an innovative project: - Minimum requirements for the applicant (age 18 years or older, no criminal record in home country). - Obtaining residence permit status for a period of 4 years with the possibility of obtaining permanent residence (after 5 years of residence) and French citizenship (after 10 years) for the applicant and all family members. - Confirmation of a higher education diploma, master's degree and professional experience is not required. - Confirmation of an employment contract with a French employer is not required. - No knowledge of French required. - There is no requirement to invest in a French company in the amount of €300,000 or more and confirm the ownership of real estate in France with an area of 9 sq.m. or more for each family member. - To confirm the candidate’s sufficient financial resources, it is not necessary to have a large amount in a bank account (for example, to obtain a residence permit in France under the “financial independence” category, the applicant must have at least €20,000 in a bank account for each family member).

How to pass an interview with an incubator if you don’t speak French?

To obtain a startup visa under the Passport Talent category, the applicant must submit an official document confirming the innovative nature of the project. Only a French startup incubator, included in the list of organizations approved by the French government, can issue such a document after a successful presentation of the project. The interview with the incubator representative takes place in English or French via video link. If you do not speak the listed languages at a level sufficient for understanding and free communication, our company will provide you with a simultaneous translator. He will accompany you throughout the interview.

Is it necessary to develop a project after obtaining a residence permit?

According to the official rules of the program, an applicant who has received a visa under the “Passport-Talent” category and is applying for a residence permit in France is required to complete certain steps to develop an innovative project upon arrival in the country. The plan of mandatory work and the timing of their implementation are individual for each project, so they can be easily adapted to the situation, if there is such a need. For example, depending on the conditions and focus of the project, the applicant may be required to provide company registration documents, office rental documents, a developed logo, a company website, etc. If you do not have the desire or ability to implement a startup project in France, our company will completely undertake all the work necessary to confirm the active status of your project and, therefore, your right to stay in the country.

Is there a chance to subsequently obtain French citizenship?

After 5 years of residence in the country under a residence permit, the applicant has the right to apply for French citizenship, but this requires basic knowledge of the French language.

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