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Citizenship of Mexico

Citizenship of Mexico

Obtain Mexican citizenship legally within 6 months.

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Why Mexico?

Mexico is a country with endless beaches, tropical forests, deserts, cacti and majestic mountains. A favorable standard of living, combined with affordable prices, makes Mexico a popular destination for those looking to relocate.

The Mexican passport is an excellent document for international travel, allowing you to visit many countries without the need for a visa. This applies not only to the countries of Latin America, but also to such visa-complicated countries as Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, all Schengen countries, Japan and New Zealand.

In Mexico, citizenship is determined both on the basis of place of birth (right of soil) and on the basis of descent (right of blood).

Benefits of a Mexican passport

Benefits of a Mexican passport
Simplified procedure for obtaining a US visa

Mexicans can take advantage of the expedited US visa process. Numerous Mexican public and charitable organizations are also active in the southern states of the United States.

Accelerated naturalization in Spain.

For Mexicans who have moved to Spain, there is an accelerated naturalization procedure.

Freedom to travel the world

More than 100 countries around the world are open to Mexicans for visa-free entry.

Medicine and welfare

The level of clinics in Mexico is very high, and many Americans come here for treatment. Even the simplest municipal hospitals have good medical equipment. Social security in Mexico is also at a high level, with various health insurance programs and assistance to low-income groups.

Low cost of living

Mexico attracts many with its low cost of living. All advanced technologies are quickly introduced to Mexico, as well as to other countries, and with a sufficient financial reserve, you can provide yourself with the standard of living you are used to, but at a much lower cost.

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Why Mircare?

We successfully help you get a Mexican passport


We provide assistance in obtaining a Mexican passport legally, within the framework of existing legal regulations.

We work under a formal contract

We work only under an official contract, no transfers to a card or cash transfers in an envelope. This ensures the safety of our customers and full transparency in the calculations.


We provide 100% protection of your personal data. Our main archive is located in the Estonian office of the company and is reliably protected by European legislation.

Full support at all stages

We regularly inform you about the status of your case, provide reporting and advice on each stage.

Registration stages

Signing an agreement

Signing an agreement

We work in strict accordance with the laws of Mexico and the Russian Federation, for this we conclude a contract with you for the provision of services, in which we prescribe all the stages of our work and the payment procedure.

Collection of documents

Collection of documents

Our experts will advise you on the collection of the necessary documents and, if necessary, tell you how to get the missing papers.



To obtain Mexican citizenship, you must come to Mexico and submit documents to the Registro Civil, similar to the registry office, and obtain an inscripcion - an analogue of a birth certificate. Then you should apply and get a unique CURP number, similar to the TIN, and apply for an INE card - an internal identification document.

Getting a passport

Getting a passport

After successfully obtaining the documents, you can apply for a Mexican passport. After processing the application and verifying the submitted documents, a Mexican passport is issued, which allows you to freely travel outside the country and enjoy all the privileges associated with citizenship.

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have collected for you all the most popular questions related to obtaining a Mexican passport.

What is the right to obtain Mexican citizenship?

Obtaining Mexican citizenship occurs mainly by birthright and descent.

What does it mean to acquire Mexican citizenship by birthright (by descent)?

According to the Constitution, Mexican citizens by birthright are:
- Persons born in Mexico, regardless of the citizenship or immigration status of their parents.
- Persons born of a person after that person has become a naturalized citizen of Mexico.

How long can a foreigner stay in Mexico?

If you are entering Mexico as a tourist, you are usually allowed to stay up to 180 days (6 months)

What rights do Mexican citizens have?

Mexican citizens have the following rights:
1. The right to vote in elections and participate in the formation of the country's leadership.

2. The right to be elected in elections and participate in the political life of the country.

3. The right to assemble or associate freely to participate in the political affairs of the state.

4. The right to join the Mexican army or the national guard in defense of the Republic and its institutions.

5. The right to petition - to apply to state bodies with requests, suggestions or complaints.

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