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U.S. O-1 Talent Visa

U.S. O-1 Talent Visa

In 6 months we will help you get an O-1 visa to the USA for 3 years with the possibility of extension

Amount of investment
6 - 8 months
Term of receipt
3 years

The O-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa for people of extraordinary ability or achievement, also known as the talent visa. 

A petitioning work visa is issued to work in the United States for professionals whose work results have public international or national recognition. The term of registration takes from 6 months with legal support at each stage of obtaining a visa. 

Why USA?

Thousands of people come to the USA every year. Some want to open their own business - they find investors, receive grants or take out a loan at low interest rates. Others immigrate for more developed infrastructure: the US is in the top 10 countries in terms of education, in the top 30 in terms of medicine.

In addition, it is easy to become "one's own" in the eyes of society here: no one pays attention to nationality, gender or age.

Benefits of living in the USA

Business Support

It is easy to register your business in the USA, minimal government control, a steadily growing economy.

The quality of life

Gyms, universities, restaurants, hotels, cinemas - America has everything you need for a comfortable life.

Freedom from stereotypes

Everyone can realize themselves: a man working as a make-up artist or an elderly woman driving a truck will not surprise anyone.

Travel and Leisure

By car or plane, in a few hours you can reach the mountains or national parks, beaches or megacities.

Why Mircare?

We successfully help citizens of Russia and the CIS to obtain an O-1 visa in the USA

1. Legality

We help to obtain an O-1 visa legally, within the framework of current US legal regulations.

2. Efficiency

Within a year, you will receive an O-1 visa and be able to move to the United States.

3. Privacy

We protect your personal data: our main archive is located in Estonia and is well protected by European law.

4. Support at all stages

We regularly inform you about the status of your case, provide reporting and advice on each stage.

O-1 Visa Benefits

- Allows you to live, do what you love in the US and get paid for it with your family for 3 years with the possibility of extension. Spouse and children under 21 can get an O-3 visa *but work is not allowed. The fee for each family member is $160. 

- Ability to start the process of obtaining a residence permit (Green Card). 

- Not tied to the employer, so you can change jobs. Upon dismissal, the visa is not canceled. It is enough to find a job corresponding to your competence.

- There are no requirements for the required time of stay in the United States. 

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How can we help?

We help you get an O-1 visa in 6 months, even if you do not yet have an employer, publications in the media or victories in international competitions. You don't have to win a Nobel Prize or an Oscar - just a few achievements in your professional field are enough.

Our experts will help you prepare all the necessary documents, draw up a petition that will be approved by the migration service, and pass an interview at the embassy.

Cost of registration:
- Visa with legal support, including all necessary publications in the media - $75,500
- Visa with legal support without paying for PR support and achievements - $ 12,500 

Registration stages

6 to 8 monthsPreparation of all necessary documents.

Preparation of all necessary documents.

6 to 8 months

At this step, we form your case so that it meets all the necessary parameters, this is the longest stage, from 6 to 8 months.

Submit a petition to the USCIS.

Submit a petition to the USCIS.

Unlike a tourist visa, it is possible to apply for an O1 visa in any country, even without being a resident of this country, without a queue.

Interview at the US Embassy

Interview at the US Embassy

Interview at the US Embassy

Obtain an O-1 visa and move to America

Obtain an O-1 visa and move to America

It is recommended to move to the USA within 2 years after obtaining a visa.

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have collected for you all the most popular answers to questions related to applying for an O-1 talent visa in the United States. All questions are structured by sections, just click on the question of interest and you will be taken to the desired section of the page.
How long can I stay in the US with an O-1 visa?

The O-1 visa can be issued for up to 3 years, while it can be extended an unlimited number of times.

How long will it take to get an O-1 visa?

Preparation of the petition and its consideration, passing the interview and obtaining a visa will take an average of 6 months. Much depends on what package of documents you already have: if many of them are not enough, it will take about a year to obtain a visa.

What is the difference between O-1 and EB-1 visas?

The O-1 nonimmigrant visa is issued for 3 years and allows the applicant, their spouse and children under 21 to live in the United States. The EB-1 visa is a green card that allows you to live permanently in the US.

Who can apply for the O1 talent visa?

A specialist can apply, ideally from the age of 25 (but there is an option to consider from the age of 18) working in any profession. It is not necessary to have high results and special achievements, we will help you arrange them in the right format in any field of activity.

Why apply for an O-1 visa with Mircare?

Our lawyers will help:
- investigate your case and individual circumstances, choose a case strategy, carefully evaluate the case.
- study what documents are available, and determine what documents will be required additionally, prepare a petition.
- collect evidence that will help you quickly get an O-1 visa and move to the United States.
- help you get an expert opinion from your US colleagues as soon as possible.
- prepare documents for submission to the US Embassy.
- Prepare for an interview at the US Embassy.
- we will advise on the process of entering the United States.

What documents do you need to provide?

To start cooperation with us, you only need to provide your resume and a copy of your international passport.

Is it possible to get an O-1 visa if there are no special achievements?

Employees of the migration service and the US Embassy pay attention to whether you spoke at international conferences, whether you published articles in well-known journals, whether you received prizes at international competitions. If you don’t have such cases now, we will help you think over an effective strategy and get documents that will be approved by official organizations.

What does it take for outstanding abilities to be confirmed?

To do this, the candidate must provide sufficient evidence - documentation and evidence, at least three of the following:
- He received awards or awards for excellence in his field of level. Nobel Prize, Grammy, Emmy or Oscar. But even if these are victories in lesser-known competitions, it can still be the basis for obtaining a visa
- Published articles in well-known recognized and respected professional publications, including the title, date and author of the materials and the necessary translation.
- Current membership in associations, which are recognized for high-ranking achievements, assessed by nationally or internationally recognized experts in the relevant field.
- Coverage of the candidate's work in professional and authoritative publications, as well as in major major media.
- The candidate has experience of participating in scientific councils, working as an expert or judge in the same field - individually or as part of a jury of judges.
- He has made original contributions: scientific, research, academic, business-related - in general, of significant importance in the relevant field.
- Work in leadership positions in organizations or institutions with a high reputation.
- Sufficiently high salary, fees or other remuneration in the specified area compared to other workers in this area.
- Other relevant evidence of exceptional experience not included in the above criteria.
The main thing is to document this fact, which we will help to do.
An application for an O-1 visa must be submitted along with information about the applicant and evidence of outstanding ability.
All you need to do is submit your CV and LinkedIn profile to get started!

Is it possible to get an O-1 visa if there is no employer in the USA?

One option is to register your own company, but in this case you will need to create a business plan, budget for the cost of renting an office, obtaining licenses, etc. Another option is to apply for a visa through our company, we help you find an employer.

Can I get a green card after obtaining an O-1 visa?

After obtaining an O-1 visa, you can get a green card on an EB-1 visa. To do this, additional evidence of achievement and extraordinaryness will need to be provided. In case you already have an O-1 visa, the green card process will take 1.5-2 years.

If I get an O-1 visa, will my family be able to move with me?

Yes, your family members will be eligible to live and study in the US, but only the main applicant can legally work in America.

Do I need to come to the US to get an O-1 visa?

No, a visa can be obtained at any US Embassy (in any country in the world) after receiving approval from the USCIS. If you are already in the United States, you can change your visa status to O-1 without leaving the country.

What taxes will I need to pay after moving?

Having received an O-1 visa, you begin to pay US taxes only after moving and earning income in the US. The exact list of taxes depends on the state in which you plan to live and work.

In what cases can a visa be refused?

- if there is a violation of US immigration rules or deportation.
- if there is a criminal record.
- if the case is not accurate, in this case we bring the case to the ideal until it receives 100% approval in the visa.

Can an O-1 visa be cancelled?

In our practice, there were no cases of cancellation of a visa, just as there were no cases of refusals to renew it after 3 years.

Do I need to permanently reside in the United States?

The O-1 visa is not a green card, so you can either permanently reside in the United States and pay taxes there, or permanently reside in another country - then you will not have to pay taxes in the United States.

Will I be eligible to buy real estate, obtain a local driver's license, medical care, and other rights of a resident?

Medical care in the US is paid even for US citizens. Otherwise, there is only one restriction for O-1 visa holders - you will have to work or conduct a business in the specialty indicated in the documents when obtaining an O-1 visa. There are no other restrictions: you can buy real estate, take out a mortgage, register companies, hire employees, get a driver's license, etc.

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